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  • Nonconformist

    Society is a factory that produces misery. But we don't need to be simple pieces of the machinery. We can find beauty in the tragedy, we can give meaning to the futility.

  • Multimedia

    The same technology they use to force feed us content to keep us under control, can be our tool. We can escape through color, sound, poetry, animation, and music.

  • Experiences

    They want you to want more stuff. They tell you that happiness depends on it. But we are not the stuff we own, we are the things we do, we are the experiences we share.

Plugins Re-launched
I have just recovered the VST plugins that I had released between 2018 and 2020 under the "Make Some Music Now" brand name, and I have re-launched them for you to download and make some noise!The plugins should work fine with any DAW under Wi...
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