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- Music & Sound

Noisy, glitchy, weird, emotional and raw. Experimental and eclectic compositions.

- Digital art

Perfectly dirty and carefully damaged. Pop-art & propaganda mixed with skulls and kittens.

- Poetry & Storytelling

Fragments of ideas, written from the heart and inspired by the factory of misery we all live in.

- Nonconformist

Beauty as a response to the ugliness of the world. Art as rebellion.

- Weirdly eclectic

Breaking the boundaries of artistic styles and music genres just because those boundaries mean nothing.

- Proudly imperfect

Using cheap tools and quick methods to obtain uniquely broken results, because perfection is boring.

- To ask questions

Because simply accepting things as they are would be too easy, and too sad.

- To find beauty

Because life can't be just pain and suffering. Because if it doesn't have a meaning we can still give it one.

- To cover the noise

Because we don't have to dance to the same tune as everyone else.

- A human being

I'm Luis, a middle-aged, brown-skinned immigrant living, loving, growing and working in Montreal.

With a degree in architecture, some college-level training in sound design, and work experience as both a bureaucrat and a customer service agent, I'm just your regular XXI century artist.

nonconformist multimedia experiences

nonconformist multimedia experiences ⋆