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  • Virtual Instruments

    Some experimental, weird and unique sample-based VST instruments for Windows and Mac, made using Maize Sampler and featuring a mix of original and Public Domain samples. Ideal for ambient, electronic and experimental music, and maybe even for some avant-garde metal, who knows? 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Stock Images

    An eclectic collection of original photographs, AI generated images, cutouts for collage-making, and some original abstract compositions and geometric patterns, that you can use in your own projects, royalty free.

  • Stock Music

    Instrumental music in different genres and in a variety of moods, for your video and multimedia projects. If you're looking for the soundtrack of your short film or your indie game, you may find it here

  • Filterforge Filters

    A small collection of unique image filters and texture generators developed for FilterForge.

  • Free tools that I use

    A small selection of free software tools and services that I use in my creative journey, and that I'm happy to recommend!